Business Committees

The practice of golf in business is one of the key vectors of golf development for the French Golf Federation. In this sense, the Exclusiv Golf Déva is associated with this approach of opening the practice of golf to the greatest number.

Formulas and specific rates will be studied on request of the Business Committees.



You are :

  • Head of a Business Committee

  • Interested in creating a Golf section

  • Organizer of sports activities

We can offer our help for all your steps and we will allow you to :

1/ Develop your section by training new players

2/ Benefit from advantageous pricing conditions.

Planning to launch a golf section ?

We will help you in your approach and we will offer various initiation formulas that will allow you to animate and give life to your project.
- Constitute the file of creation of a section
- Train new golfers to build your teams

An active golf section ? 
In order to take advantage of preferential conditions, once the section or the EC exists, just contact us and join the Business Committee golf offers. The requirement to create a golf section is to be a minimum of 5 players affiliated to the section. 

Contact :